Polco Dual Tone Car Body Covers for Bmw X5 - Black & Green

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Product Description

. Side Mirror Pockets for good fit

. Reinforced Double Stitched with Water Resistant thread

. V-Shape Piping Design to enhance the look

. Elastic on all four corners of the cover for better grip

. Built-in belt & buckle to protect during windy condition

. Built-in rear Antenna

. Packaging with PVC Bag

Fabric Description

. 100% waterproof Non-Woven Fabric

. UV Resistant

. Scratch Resistant and Durable

If you are looking for strong, effective and all weather covers for your vehicle, this is the right product. Polco all-weather vehicle covers are designed to protect your vehicle against harsh outdoor conditions. Our covers are used to preserve a vehicle's paint and to protect it from dents and dust. These covers fit your vehicle with style and trendy look. The Covers are suitable for vehicle in long term storage. All our fabrics meet the highest test standards.

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Polco provides great quality products and guarantees your satisfaction. With easy returns, warranties and repair, you can purchase with confidence.

6 Months: Polco will repair or replace the covers which do not meet our specifications.

Please submit a photograph of the cover with an explanation of why you feel it does not meet our standards and we will repair or replace the product.

Warranty is void if a product has been damaged by accident, misuse, tear and defects in material.

Return a product within 48 hours of delivery for a full refund minus the cost of shipping.

  • Customer should register a complaint within 48hrs of delivery.
  • Refund will be initiated once the product has been received with original packaging and in resale condition.
  • The ideal average time for refund is 14 working days.

Post warranty product service.

If you wish to repair or replace the product after the warranty period has expired, you can use our Polco Care program.

Polco Care Program:

  • Polco offer care program for a genuine customer who wish to repair their product after warranty period.
  • Polco will repair the damage product after warranty period by taking very nominal charges.
  • Customer needs to bear two way shipping cost.

Apply For Polco Care Program

• Do not install covers on newly painted and newly waxed vehicle • Make sure that your vehicle is clean before installing the cover to avoid scratches • For vehicle which is stored under a cover for longer period, should be checked in every 10 days • We do not manufacture customized cover for each vehicle